ExpressVPN Connection Status

I've been trying to make a btt button that will toggle express vpn's smart location connection. So far I haven't found any commands to do this as express vpn uses its own app rather than default OS X vpn setup.

The best I've been able to do is an indicator button to show when its connected.

set activeInterfaces to do shell script "ifconfig -lu"
if activeInterfaces contains "utun4" then
return true
return false
end if

Icons I've made below, I couldn't find the official menu bar ones

ExpressVPN_BTT_Normal ExpressVPN_BTT_Ticked


If anyone knows a way to get this working with the expressvpn app please let me know.

For anyone interested in this I found an express vpn terminal interface here that achieves what I was looking for. It also supports Alfred if you use that.

Combine the terminal command for connect/disconnect with the code above for determining status/action for a express vpn toggle.

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