Export preset not working

Hi everyone, I'm trying to back my master preset but BetterTouchTool is not exporting it for some reason. I tried to restart it and my machine as well. Tried exporting to a different folder as well, but didn't help

I was able to export non-master presets though. I also tried making it a non-master preset. but this specific preset not exporting.

help please

BTT version 3.562
Mac 11.4 big sur

@Andreas_Hegenberg FYI

could you go to help -> export diagnostic debug info and send the result to andreas@folivora.ai?

Then I can check what’s going wrong

@Andreas_Hegenberg sent

@Andreas_Hegenberg following up in case I can help in any way?

@Andreas_Hegenberg pinging again to see if there's a solution to this, or I can help resolve this :slight_smile:

I'll be on this today!

So I finally got to track down this bug. It should be fixed in alpha v3.565 which will be available in about 10 minutes!

Thanks for your patience and the debug data you provided, this will also solve another bug related to keyboard shortcuts that I was trying to fix for ages.

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I updated to the latest alpha version and can confirm things working as expected. Thanks for helping out Andreas