Experince with "tccutil reset Accessibility"?

@Andreas_Hegenberg Do you happen to have experience with "tccutil reset Accessibility" in case BTT or other app lose Accessibility Permission?

that will just remove any permissions you have given in System Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Accessibility

The command can help with corrupted macOS accessibility permission database - although I haven’t needed it since macOS 13. Usually nowadays just removing and re-adding problematic apps will help.

You will need to add every app again to the list after running the command.

Make sure you don’t have any unsaved work when running this command, it can sometimes freeze your Mac if any of the apps on the list is still running. If it freezes only a hard reset (hold power button) will help.

Yes, I need exactly these settings and I'm running Ventura 13.2.1.

It is not about BTT, but another app. My concern is that BTT might lose Accessibility Permission, if I do that. So I would rather limit this to this app only. This should work by limiting the "bundle ID", I have read. Do you know how to do that?

No, for it to help it will need to reset all apps. However you can just add BTT to the list again afterwards that’s not a problem!

Best quit all apps, including BTT, before running the command

Ok, I'll give this a try. Thanks!

Theoretically, yes. But this app was also on the list. Since the last update it is unfortunately no longer. All attempts to reinstall or turn settings on/off have failed. If this should happen with BTT, I'm going crazy.

Worst case, there are some (really complicated) instructions on how to really reset the database completely somewhere here on the forum.

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