execution of Apple scripts seems to have stopped working

To some extent, the execution of Apple scripts seems to have stopped working. Interestingly, the direct starting through the "Run Script" button is still functioning as expected. However, when attempting to run it through a trigger, nothing happens. This applies whether using a script file or entering code directly, whether in blocking or background mode. It was working fine yesterday. I suspect that something may have been disrupted in the last update.

BTT Version: 4.220 (2441) |
MacBook Pro 16*, 2021
Chip Apple M1 Pro
macOS Ventura 13.5.1

weird, what kind of trigger are you using to execute these?

The Streamdeck button. It successfully triggers the first script, yet it fails to do so for the second. As previously mentioned, the "Run Script" button accomplishes this task. Introducing an additional delay has no effect.

I can't reproduce it yet, does the second script do anything special?

Scale the file in InDesign.
When condition A is met, initiate a heads-up display (HUD) with a variable.
If condition B is met, trigger a different HUD display with a separate variable.

Could you copy & paste the full trigger config here? (select in BTT, cmd+c, then cmd+v here). Maybe that allows me to reproduce the issue.

Unable to paste due to "Error 500."

Error 500 here in the forum? When hitting reply or earlier?

When trying to copy the full trigger config in the reply field.
Or did I misunderstood you?

I downgraded to Version 4.219 (2439), and it's functioning there. There's certainly a variation in the releases somewhere. The problem is starting with btt4.220-2441.
Just tested it out.

Yep, there have been some deep changes in the 4.220 alpha, preparing some upcoming features.

Maybe you can send the copied JSON via email (andreas@folivora.ai), would be very helpful!

4.222 is still not working

4.223 is still not working

4.224 =(

Are you sure the second script is not triggered? I can't test the indesign specific stuff, but it seems to call the script fine here.

Downgrading to a previous version will also make it use the previous data file - has there maybe been a change to the script inbetween?

Oh I think I see the issue. After looking at the preset source, I think the action sequence has gotten corrupted. The new versions of BTT are a bit more strict, which causes it to fail now. (It think the corruption happened earlier). There seem to be some old artifacts in there, possibly from a previous "Cycle Through Multiple Actions" action which has since been deleted.

That's also why it shows "and 6 more" here:

I'll check what caused this in the first place. Maybe something is not deleted correctly after removing the "Cycle Through Multiple" action.

I have newly created the entire trigger with four actions and attempted it once again. Unfortunately, there is still no success.

Very weird. Could you check whether any other apple script runs as your 4. action? E.g. just triggering one of the BTT HUD's you show at the end.

I have used up the Indesign trial for some previous tests, thus I currently can't try with it :wink: Maybe you have some other non-indesign script that also stopped working?

I'm not sure what you mean. The first script simply deletes the first text frame. The second one makes an adjustment, stores the values in a variable, and displays a green HUD (OK) or a red one (not OK) depending on the value of the variable. The values are also displayed in the HUDs. As I mentioned, this works perfectly in version 419.

I mean, is it just this specific script that doesn't work? Or does this affect all Apple Scripts put at position 4?