Escape Key - Hold support

I have a game which utilises holding the escape key, and it doesn't work with BTT's escape key.

So, Hold support for the escape key would be great. Maybe a new option for any trigger: While Button is Pressed, Hold Keyboard Shortcut

Yes, this is really important because:

  1. It's impossible to hold down a key.
  2. Listening to key-up events on touchbar buttons adds a 100-300ms delay since it takes time to lift the finger off.

This is the only thing holding me back from buying BetterTouchTools

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I'm sure you guys have moved on at this point but here's a workaround for anybody trying to hold escape to exit a Stadia game like I was!

Add a new shortcut (I used keyboard shortcut ^Q — in my experience, don't use a shortcut that includes the escape key) to: press escape key down only (it's an option), delay next action by 3 seconds, "press" escape key up.

Still, it'd be great if the touch bar replacement escape supported holding down the escape key!