Escape key doesn't work and BTT heat up my computer

Hello everyone,

I just started using BTT and ran into some problems.

  1. I cannot use Escape key while running BTT. It still works though, if I use Shift and Esc at the same time. How can I convert back to normal Esc key ?

  2. When I use BTT as a default (replacing the original Touch Bar functionality), it appears to heat up my Mac. The fan kept running like crazy to cool down my Mac. I never thought BTT would fry up my Mac way more than using Final Cut Pro X. Is there anyway we can fix this ?

Thank you for your help,

You most likely have configured an esc button somewhere in the keyboard shortcuts section but not assigned an action.

For the cpu usage: this completely depends on your BTT configuration or presets you are using. If they are running many scripts it will cause bigger cpu usage

Thank you for your quick reply. I just fixed the problems. I just went to Old Configuration UI and disable Esc key. And if I don't run BTT configuration, it is fine.