Error message with uploading to Imgur.

I am getting a strange error message, that I haven't had up to now. It is a message that concerns the upload of a picture to Imgur. You can see the error message below.
The problem is on my mac mini. MacOS Mojave.
I have a key combination to grab a part of the screen. Then I press save and upload what normally takes care of uploading to imgur and give the link back.

BetterTouch version: 3.346

Error Domain=NSURLErrorDomain Code=-999 "cancelled" UserInfo={NSErrorFailingURLStringKey=, NSErrorFailingURLKey=, _NSURLErrorRelatedURLSessionTaskErrorKey=(
"LocalUploadTask <798DD4E1-10C9-4B41-8F93-2FFDCE6E09C0>.<1>"
), _NSURLErrorFailingURLSessionTaskErrorKey=LocalUploadTask <798DD4E1-10C9-4B41-8F93-2FFDCE6E09C0>.<1>, NSLocalizedDescription=cancelled}

The difference between Then and Now is:
I tried two other programs from the App Store, imguru and menutab for imgur, in order te even enhance the uploading of pictures, but both appeared to be crap programs. After installing those, I had above problem. So I killed/removed both programs. Of course restarted, etc. etc. still the same problem

BUT... right now, 2 minutes ago, I updated BetterTouch to 3.364 and... the problem has disappeared automagically.

Still I thought it could make sense to mention it, just in case if others would bump into the same problem.
So yes, this is a bug report, but it has already been resolved for me.

Thanks for your atttention and excellent product.

See Screenshot upload to Imgur problems after latest update :slight_smile:

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