Erroneous complaint about a USB device that "disconnect constantly"?

Describe the bug
Whenever I dock my Macbook with my Satechi Thunderbolt 4 dock AND I do this with the lid open, BTT complains that a USB device "disconnects constantly". If I dock in clamshell mode (waking the device), BTT does not complain. This complaint is delivered via a notification.

No USB device is specified for the complaint. When overviewing the log of BTT, I find 27 USB connect events and 1 disconnect event. This is the correct number of devices connecting when I dock. I've verified and gone over them using Hammerspoon USB monitoring. BTT log does not specify what device it feels is disconnecting constantly so one could assume the single one that disconnects. But, sometimes there are 26 devices connecting and 0 disconnecting devices, but BTT can still toss the same info about "constantly disconnecting", so it's apparently not that.

My guess is that the cheer number of things connecting is making BTT confused, but it's not clear why this would only happen with lid open. Maybe because the computer is already awake with BTT able to react to the connections?


Device information:

  • Type of Mac: Macbook Pro m1 max
  • macOS version: 13.2.1
  • BetterTouchTool version: 4.062 2278.

Additional information (e.g. StackTraces, related issues, screenshots, workarounds, etc.):

1678708630.987232|SYS|USB DEVICE CONNECTED|
1678708630.987310|SYS|USB Connect Count 1|
1678708631.509092|SYS|USB DEVICE CONNECTED|
1678708631.509199|SYS|USB Connect Count 2|
1678708631.563026|SYS|USB DEVICE CONNECTED|
1678708631.563175|SYS|USB Connect Count 3|
1678708631.607693|SYS|USB DEVICE CONNECTED|
1678708631.608113|SYS|USB Connect Count 4|
1678708631.769900|SYS|USB DEVICE CONNECTED|
1678708631.770038|SYS|USB Connect Count 5|
1678708631.870559|SYS|USB DEVICE CONNECTED|
1678708631.870679|SYS|USB Connect Count 6|
1678708632.386660|SNAPAREA|step1, 0 displays- match mode 0 - searching BenQ LCD|
1678708632.387762|SNAPAREA|return existing (updated)|
1678708632.387806|SNAPAREA|step1, 0 displays- match mode 0 - searching Built-in Retina Display|
1678708632.388515|SNAPAREA|return existing (updated)|
1678708632.388563|SNAP|Did recognize 32800 21573 dragpoints: 0 - 3|
1678708632.388568|SNAP|Did recognize 41040 4251086178 dragpoints: 0 - 2|
1678708632.388586|SNAP|Did reset snap areas 1 0|
1678708632.417873|SNAPAREA|step1, 0 displays- match mode 0 - searching BenQ LCD|
1678708632.418448|SNAPAREA|return existing (updated)|
1678708632.418485|SNAPAREA|step1, 0 displays- match mode 0 - searching Built-in Retina Display|
1678708632.418800|SNAPAREA|return existing (updated)|
1678708632.418818|SNAP|Did recognize 32800 21573 dragpoints: 0 - 3|
1678708632.418824|SNAP|Did recognize 41040 4251086178 dragpoints: 0 - 2|
1678708632.418841|SNAP|Did reset snap areas 1 0|
1678708632.643893|SNAPAREA|step1, 0 displays- match mode 0 - searching BenQ LCD|
1678708632.644503|SNAPAREA|return existing (updated)|
1678708632.644533|SNAPAREA|step1, 0 displays- match mode 0 - searching Built-in Retina Display|
1678708632.644835|SNAPAREA|return existing (updated)|
1678708632.644848|SNAP|Did recognize 32800 21573 dragpoints: 0 - 3|
1678708632.644853|SNAP|Did recognize 41040 4251086178 dragpoints: 0 - 2|
1678708632.644864|SNAP|Did reset snap areas 1 0|
1678708632.973188|SYS|USB DEVICE CONNECTED|
1678708632.973243|SYS|USB Connect Count 7|
1678708633.061563|SYS|USB DEVICE CONNECTED|
1678708633.061629|SYS|USB Connect Count 8|
1678708633.223964|SYS|USB DEVICE CONNECTED|
1678708633.224014|SYS|USB Connect Count 9|
1678708633.245747|SYS|USB DEVICE CONNECTED|
1678708633.245798|SYS|USB Connect Count 10|
1678708633.323247|SYS|USB DEVICE CONNECTED|
1678708633.323297|SYS|USB Connect Count 11|
1678708633.900311|SYS|USB DEVICE CONNECTED|
1678708633.900332|SYS|USB Connect Count 12|
1678708634.039155|SYS|USB DEVICE CONNECTED|
1678708634.039406|SYS|USB Connect Count 13|
1678708634.116567|SYS|USB DEVICE CONNECTED|
1678708634.116630|SYS|USB Connect Count 14|
1678708634.227271|SYS|USB DEVICE CONNECTED|
1678708634.227463|SYS|USB Connect Count 15|
1678708634.296915|SYS|USB DEVICE CONNECTED|
1678708634.297035|SYS|USB Connect Count 16|
1678708634.346634|SYS|USB DEVICE CONNECTED|
1678708634.346733|SYS|USB Connect Count 17|
1678708634.348794|SYS|USB DEVICE CONNECTED|
1678708634.348835|SYS|USB Connect Count 18|
1678708634.562102|SYS|USB DEVICE CONNECTED|
1678708634.562146|SYS|USB Connect Count 19|
1678708634.624076|SYS|USB DEVICE CONNECTED|
1678708634.624481|SYS|USB Connect Count 20|
1678708634.662393|SYS|USB DEVICE CONNECTED|
1678708634.662433|SYS|USB Connect Count 21|
1678708634.769725|SYS|USB DEVICE CONNECTED|
1678708634.769794|SYS|USB Connect Count 22|
1678708634.878976|SYS|USB DEVICE CONNECTED|
1678708634.879387|SYS|USB Connect Count 23|
1678708634.940468|SYS|USB DEVICE CONNECTED|
1678708634.940540|SYS|USB Connect Count 24|
1678708634.980024|SYS|USB DEVICE CONNECTED|
1678708634.980079|SYS|USB Connect Count 25|
1678708635.273076|SYS|USB DEVICE CONNECTED|
1678708635.273157|SYS|USB Connect Count 26|