Entering complex key presses for Minecraft (eg: F3+I)

Another question :slight_smile:

I'm using the Alpha version of BTT (v2.604), and trying to get a bunch of shortcuts on my touchbar for Minecraft. The issue is the key combinations it requires is a horror - for example F3 + I (full list here: https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Debug_screen under "More debug-keys").

The Alt+F3 etc all work fine.

The only thought I have had is AppleScript, and I have been trying things such as this (commented out lines are more combinations):

tell application "System Events"
	key down (key code 99)
	#key down 99
	delay 0.1
	keystroke "i"
	delay 0.1
	key up (key code 99)
	#key up 99
end tell

This testing has been in the "Script Editor" app, and running from there (after a short delay), and I'm finding it's just moving me around or pressing other keys (very weird really).

Obviously using the built in "Custom Keyboard Shortcut" does not capture this weird combination, so wondering if anyone here has any more ideas.


unfortunately BTT itself currently only supports the "normal" macOS shortcut types which always need to include a modifier :frowning:

The problem with your apple script COULD be that F keys always require an additional function key as well (every time you press a F key it also simulates pressing the function key). So maybe pressing the function key in addition could help.