Enter system preferences-> Displays to add iPad as 2nd Screen

I'd like to create a shortcut to add my iPad as a 2nd screen via system preferences -> displays -> "+". After a restart I have to do that each time manually. Is there also a way to separate both later on?

I think you can do that via the menubar control center as well. (Don't have my iPad with me to check)

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I have a script (not mine...) which is using the control center...

# for a german system use : "Kontrollzentrum"
tell application "System Events"
	tell its application process "ControlCenter"
		tell its menu bar 1
			-- click on and open Control Center drop down
			tell (UI elements whose description is "Kontrollzentrum")
			end tell
		end tell
		-- interact with Control Center window
		tell its window "Kontrollzentrum"
			delay 0.5
			-- click screen mirroring button
			set screenMirroringButton to button 2 of group 1
			-- click screenMirroringButton click doesn't work
			perform action 1 of screenMirroringButton
			delay 0.5
			set myScreen to checkbox 1 of its scroll area 1 of group 1
			perform action 1 of myScreen
		end tell
	end tell
end tell

Once you got it working, this might be nice as well
(move a Finder window for example to the iPad screen (next monitor)...

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Yes, it's just around the corner. Awesome, simple. thanks.

@Max_Megalon The 2nd one is interesting, indeed! Thank you :slight_smile: