Enforce "Always run when widget becomes visible" after touchbar multi-finger swipes (or provide an alternative mechanism to re-run touchbar shell scripts)

In my touchbar I have a widget of type "Shell script / Task Widget" that queries the volume level and outputs the correct volume icon (with one or more "sound waves" displayed, depending on the volume level).

I use two-finger gestures in my touchbar to adjust the volume up and down.

Per BTT's own design, when multi-finger swipe gestures are performed, the touchbar is temporarily left "blank" (except for a small horizontal line crossing it all). When it goes back to its normal status, it would be desirable that this is considered as "widget becomes visible", and thus my script would be re-run.

Alternatively - is there some way to trigger the updating/re-execution of touchbar "shell script" widgets?

Thanks in advance, and congrats for your awesome work!