Enabling "page up", "page down" for the external keyboard?

Hi, thanks for the wonderful setup, especially the setting to enable/disable the Media arrow key shortcut, that save a lot of setting time since I use fn + arrow a lot. A little more request is that can we have a setting to not changing the key function of "page up", "page down", "home" and "end" for the external keyboard? Or, where can I disable it since I need these four keys as what they are.


Nothing in AQT touches those keys, though I do see a possible conflict. It could be a BTT error but I didn't set anything to alter them.

What does pressing those keys normally do, and what do they do now? I don't have an apple external extended keyboard to test this

These keys are supposed just do "page up", "page down", "home" and "end". Those keys are function normally if I deactivate AquaTouch or use GoldenChaos preset, when AquaTouch is activated, these keys seem to be disabled, nothing happened when I press them.

Try disabling these actions and see if that resolves your issue...

That works, thanks.

But the weird thing is that I actually uncheck the media arrow key shortcut in AQT setting, don't know why they are still functioning as media key shortcut.

Seems like BTT is confusing the home, end, pgup and down with fn arrow keys


As with the settings, I'm handling it in a way that the fn shortcuts are still being handled by BTT but do the normal arrow keys if the setting is off through BTT (for technical reasons: the setting doesn't need an "apply" button and automatically persists and sets itself over updates with this method) but because the fn action is never really disabled its still going through AQTs code. Could be handled better but it'll be a big upgrade.

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