Enabling/Disabling BTT Touch Bar in apps

Hi, I'm new to BTT and I was wondering if there was a way to enable/disable BTT automatically depending on which app is open.

For general use, I'd like to have BTT only (and Apple's preset deactivated). For some apps (iTunes, etc), I'd like to have Apple's default preset show up.

I've tried playing with the BTT settings but haven't been successful so far. It looks like I can either have BTT always on (it doesn't change back to default presets in apps), or have BTT with half of the Touch Bar taken up by the default preset, which isn't ideal.

Thank you!!

Add the app to the side bar, and right click on it and select Touch Bar Behaviour, then choose which one you want. Or if you don't want BTT to show up at all for the app., choose disable BTT completely for "App".