Enable "Prevent Recursive Trigger" for trackpad gestures

Currently there are no option to prevent recursive trigger when trackpad gestures are mapped to keyboard shortcut.

Please support this as it is quite important for some of my workflow. Thank you!

In that case there is no recursion because the triggered shortcut can not trigger the trackpad gesture.

Maybe you can describe your usecase in a bit more detail

Hello @Andreas_Hegenberg, Thank you for the quick response!

So, I have trackpad gesture for Safari that maps a 3 finger swipe up/down to Cmd-w and Cmd-t respectively.

But I also have a global keyboard shortcut that maps Cmd-w and Cmd-t to open a specific application.

In my case, this has result in 3 finger swipe to open the application instead of my expected behavior (In Safari, Cmd-w should be close tab and Cmd-t should be open new tab).

For keyboard shortcut, there is an option to "Prevent Recursive Trigger" that can prevent behavior like this. But I can't find that option in trackpad gesture.


in that case I'd recommend the "Send shortcut to specific app" action. This should bypass BetterTouchTool:

That works perfectly, thank you!