Enable / Disable action problems

Hi there! I've an issue with BTT clashing with steeermouse in certain situations. I have BTT set to disable when Shift key is held down in preferences, it works to a point as in it allows horizontal scrolling with my mouse wheel with tyre shift modifier. However a free piece of software i use zoom with the option key, so horizontal zoom on a timeline becomes shift + option + scroll. So I need a way to disable BTT when Shift + Option are help down and used with the mouse wheel. If I check both of these in the disable BTT when modifier is down preferences it doesn’t do it for Shift on its own.

I can disable BTT with the typed key action for Shift + Option, but once disabled then it's not picking up keystrokes so can't enable itself again. Regular key board shortcuts will work to re-enable BTT, but typed keystrokes don't.

Can anyone think of a workaround beyond just disabling BTT completely for Reaper, which I'd really prefer not to do as I would miss the other enhancements it give. BTT preferences only offer a single.

The weird thing any the clash with Steermouse is that it’s only the shift key that seems to suffer. I can use mouse wheel with and any other modifiers, or combination of modifiers excluding shift and it works fine. As soon as Shift is held down Steermouse doesn’t seem to get anything. It also seems weird to me that if I use the Logitech mouse driver that i don’t have issues when scroll wheel and shift, but that software is garbage, a resource hog, far less flexible than Steermouse, and obviously won’t work with my non Logitech mouse. So it spreads to be some clash unique between Steermouse and BTT, rather than just multiple apps watching for shortcuts.

Thanks for your help