Enable delete_trigger from webserver

Seems like the docs for delete_trigger are gone - but this method is present on the list here: https://i.imgur.com/YeS0zyU.png

Also, triggering something which seems to be valid URL returns 404:

GET 404 (Not Found)

Latest BTT

Oh I see now - there is delete_trigger for URL scheme (btt://)

However it's missing in websever. Any chances to expose this method to webserver as well @Andreas_Hegenberg? It seems odd that we can successfuly add triggers from webserver, but to remove them we have to use btt://

I've just stumbled over this too. I'm kind of stuck here, trying to update a trigger but it replaces the uuid without returning the new uuid. As an alternative I'm quite happy deleting the trigger and re-adding it but I have no delete_trigger function. help?

 'Http Error:', '404 Client Error: Not Found for url:'

Sorry this took me so long, it will work with the next alpha version later today.