Emulate Selected App as Active - BUTTON 👁

Im often editing Touch Bar groups and do like the View Option - Emulate Selected App as Active. But as you know, that feature/option doesn't work very well. I find myself having to de-select and re-select that option to re-gain the view. Would be nice to have a button (like preview EYE) on the main UI to toggle this feature on/off.

As a temporary solution, there is a touchbar preset that offers this button (that also shows you wether it's active or not)

Cant see how a Touch Bar button would work for this.

Here the button itself for the TouchBar, without the rest of the group:
Emulate Active App.json (29.1 KB)

Thanks for this. I have this in the BTT application menu/Touch Bar now.

My issue is more related to the bug where BTT doesn't respect that I have this option activated and stops showing the menu bar I am editing unless I uncheck and recheck it. This will help with that process.

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Still having issues with this feature. Its inconsistent, doesn't work with groups, but often fails with specific application "folders" as well. Not a big issue, but would be nice if it worked with group folders and didn't require disable/enable so often.