Empty HUD flashes twice whenever wake from sleep - regression between v4.182 > v4.183

Describe the bug
Hi @Andreas_Hegenberg, over the weekend yesterday I updated to v4.204 and noticed that now every time my mac wakes from sleep the HUD flashes twice with no message. I did a further update to v4.205 this morning but the issue still persists.

I don't use the HUD in any triggers or actions, and I have no sleep or wake triggers defined. Prior to upgrading I had been on ~v4.175 (although I can't remember specifically).

However, having just run through installing various releases from the past month I can specifically pinpoint that the regression occurred between v4.182 > v4.183.

I haven't defined any new triggers since updating so I'm fairly confident that there's no difference between the configs BTT is loading for each version. While a relatively minor issue, this is quite unsightly and distracting every time I wake the macbook or open the lid. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Device information:

  • Type of Mac: MacBook Air M1
  • macOS version: 12.5.1
  • BetterTouchTool version: all versions from 4.183 to latest

Ah, thanks for reporting. This only affects old macOS versions and should now be fixed in 4.206 alpha (uploading now)

And there was me just composing an email with some debug logs that I though might be useful, never mind :joy:.

Just tested 4.206 and seems to be working fine again, many thanks for the quick fix :pray:.

Great, thanks for confirming!
Any reason for not going to macOS 13? (Apple has fixed quite a few things there)

Actually I'm just in the process of running through all my various configs and installed apps etc to check everything will still work as I like when I upgrade at some point in the next few weeks.

I tend to hold off on upgrading until the following major OS version is out anyway, having been burned too many times in the past either by Apple's habit of treating users as beta testers or by more specialist bits of software not being ready in time (although that's never an issue as far as BTT is concerned!).

While both of these problems have been mitigated somewhat over the past few years, apparently old habits die hard :sweat_smile:.

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