Emoji Widget Improvements

I'm pretty sure I speak for a lot of people here, but I think we need:

  • Jump menu to each category,
  • Category labels, including a labelled recents and favourites section,
    (just like the native emoji widget)

Some more that I'd like

  • Restrict emoji widget to show only one category (for custom jumplists using groups)
  • Reset recent emojis function
  • Specify amount of recent emojis to display

And maybe even include the "Favorites" group of special characters into the selection! As an extra group compared to the native widget.

Nothing new here? :frowning:


The Favorites section has been there a wee while :exploding_head:

What he meant by that is a seperate group for it @TechDave! as it kind of just adds it into the beginning and you're a little unsure of where your favourites end