Emoji widget 2.605


I just upgrade BTT to 2.605.

On the Touch Bar, the new Emoji widget is now overlapping all other buttons/widgets.

Is it a bug ?


I don't think there is a bug, could you check what size you have set for the emoji widget?

Default size 400 px.

Despite I add the new Emoji widget on the bottom it is the first to appear on the Touch Bar even I drag it in the middle of others buttons widgets.

scrolling widgets can only be placed on the left or right, they can't be placed in the scrolling container in the middle (because they are scrolling theirselves). You can change the placement in the widget settings.

ok so the default size of 400 px seems to be too much 150 px are enough in my opinion.

just to be sure : the behaviour of the emoji widget has changed since 2.605 ?

hi all. slightly off topic but maybe better than a new post? it’d be nice if the emoji widget displayed, in addition to favourites / recently used, the option for the default macOS categories i.e. Smileys & People; Animals & Nature; Food & Drink and so on. This would prevent a lot of endless scrolling in my opinion. Perhaps that could be offered as alternative in beta form and or a tick box to enable the default categories?