Emoji Suggestions

The only useful feature of the original touchbar for me: Emoji suggestions based on text entered. I don't know if this is possible (because BTT would have to access recetly entered text) but it would be a killer feature for me.

For example: When I type "sunny", the emoji widget would suggest :sunny:️,when I type "cool", the widget would suggest :sunglasses:, etc.

Well this is still implemented on the default toolbar... for instance if you are using safari, maybe disable BTT for safari/chrome and you'll keep the default one where you can enjoy this feature... I don't see any other places where emojis would in fact be used at all... I guess just online for social media... on mails or pages it would be unprofessional but in case you do use them on said apps... maybe disable BTT for such apps where you consider you would appreciate the emoji suggestions. I honestly don't see any other use for this feature outside social media, and therefore you would most likely use a browser.

Sadly emoji widget is useless for me. You can't search for the emoji. The "recent" emojis doesn't work. It only shows recent from the osx widget. If you spend 5 minutes manually searching for that selfie emoji :selfie:, click it, then it won't show in recent. However if you CTRL+CMD+SPACE to trigger OSX emoji widget, then pick the emoji, it will show up in recent on BTT. I will stick to CTRL+CMD+SPACE for now.