Embed default touch bar items to BetterTouchTool

This is just a hypothetical question, @Andreas_Hegenberg - What would it take to "embed", for example, IINA's touch bar into BetterTouchTool when IINA is running, if we have code for it available?
For IINA specifically, I like its video slider widget that appears on the default touch bar and I was wondering would it ever be possible to reuse the code to create a widget from it that we could use in our BetterTouchTool configuration?

Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately it's basically impossible.
You would need a way to load that code into BTT (more or less possible with the plugin architecture), but then you would also need a way to call methods on IINA and a way to provide data from IINA to BTT. It would probably require quite a bit of work inside of BTT's code as well as in IINAs.

So unfortunately the only feasible solution is to deactivate the BTT Touch Bar for IINA

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Yeah, I did to that trick in the past (deactivate BetterTouchTool) but I love my custom control strip too much and I decided to disable the default touch bar completely. Anyway, I'll just deactivate BetterTouchTool on demand when I need a default touch bar. Thanks for answering!