Elecom EX-G missing button

I have an Elecom EX-G with not software installed (it doesn't function under mojave and there is a language barrier). BTT sees all the buttons, except for one.

If you're not familiar with this trackball is is similar to the Logitech M570, but it has a tilting scroll wheel and an additional button on the far right. When I click it in BTT nothing at all registers.

On another machine I have the same trackball with a demo of "Steer Mouse" (which I don't much like), which sees the mouse button as "Button 6" but I don't know if that is meaningful since it sees the buttons that BTT sees as 3 and 4 (left of left click "hat" style buttons) as 4 and 5.

Anyway, has anyone experience with this mouse and have ideas? It's not a deal breaker as the button is question is, IMHO, too easy to git accidentally, so I'm not sure what I'd use it for anyway, but it's going to bug me. :slight_smile:

I have one of these on the way and I definitely need both buttons to the right of the trackball. Any updates? Is BTT seeing all buttons now?

Not last I checked. I am living in beta la d now and am not using BTT, but last month I was not able to set the button )nor could I install the official drivers from the manufacturer).

I don't know what "beta land" is, but does whatever you're using recognize all buttons the Elecom? If so, I need to be using it. I have the Elecom M-HT1DR. BTT does not recognize 3 of the buttons and click and hold/drag only works on two of them.

I was not able to set the right most button back in May, no. I am currently running beta macOS, so I am not running BTT. the other buttons altere fine, IIRC

Thanks. I found some workarounds. I'll post in case anyone else is in hell with the Elecom M-HT1DRBK wireless trackball mouse:

There are 3 options for programming the Elecom Trackball: BTT, Elecom's Mouse Assistant or both

If BTT only, BTT sees 7 of the 10 available buttons. However, for 2 of them need you to hold down a modifier key to override the key for remap. This leaves only 5 of 10 buttons for remapping with one-handed operation.

If Elecom only, all 10 buttons are available, but remapping is global not app specific, and there are limitations.

If both, all 10 buttons can be mapped in Elecom mouse assistant, and BTT can override two buttons and make them customizable per app. Those two are scroll wheel Tilt Left and Tilt Right.

There you go, and here's the page for the Elecom "mouse assistant"

Update - Elecom appears to have no clue, no capacity, or no desire to code their product for OS Catalina. I had to copy my old preference pane to Catalina just to get left/right click/drag on the buttons I want and be able to re-map tilt left/right on scroll wheel. Better than nothing, but Elecom will lose me (and many other customers) as soon as a programmable same-product comes out.