Editable Columns to quickly edit Actions

Editable Columns to quickly edit Actions

A pasttime Mockup:

This would work very similar to iTunes:

Right click the sort bar to check and Uncheck attributes to edit (maybe add a 'recently set' column)

Example of a dropdown attribute

See it's very slow to edit touchbar button background colors and padding

Currently I don't plan to add such things until a complete redesign of the interface is feasible (the current one gets slow enough when scrolling through long lists, which is a technical limitation with the technique I'm using). Adding more custom views would make that even worse.
At some point I will switch to a more modern approach and drop support for older macOS versions, but that may still take a while.

Seems good.

Just curious: Do you have any plans/works in progress regarding new UI?
I’d be quite excited if so!

Also, sorry if my relentless feature requests are a bother