Dynamic variables - Javascript only?

I saw the release notes mention new dynamic variables in "Java Script / Apple Script / Shell Script" but a search only shows Javascript?

you can trigger Apple Script from the Java Script:

// I always put my code into a self executing async function, because top level await is not allowed in JavaScript.
(async () => {

// put the Apple Script into a string (back ticks are great for multi -line strings)
let appleScript = `
    set theDialogText to "The curent date and time is " & (current date) & "."
    set result to display dialog theDialogText
    return result

// this will execute the Apple Script and store the result in the result variable.
let result = await runAppleScript(appleScript);

// do whatever you want with the result

// at the end you always need to call returnToBTT / returnVariableValue to exit the script / return the value to BTT.

// it is important that this function self-executes ()