Dynamic SF Symbol in HUD action

Does the "Show HUD Overlay" action support showing a SF Symbol based on the value of variable? I am trying to write an applescript action that checks the mute status of Zoom and toggles between muting and unmuting. In addition to changing the mute state the action also sets a variable micStatus to either mic or mic.slash, which are the names of SF Symbols I want to display in the HUD. I can get the value of the variable in the HUD just fine by using {micStatus} in the title or subtitle, but it doesn't seem to work as symbol name.

Or is there some function I can use as a title / subtitle that allows converting from a variable to a symbol name?

Thanks in advance for any help or tips!

you can use the if condition action to check a variable value, then execute one hud if true and another one if false


Thanks @Andreas_Hegenberg, that worked!

Is it a limitation of the conditional flow that only permanent variables are supported? I needed to change my code from set_string_variable to set_persistent_string_variable to make the variable available for the conditional flow. But otherwise using the control was very straightforward.