Dynamic Play/Pause button Widget

I've been having trouble with my implementation of play/pause buttons that change icons (from GC-BTT, used with permission), so it would be great if the Now Playing widget had a 'Play/Pause Icon Only' Option, or a new widget be made for this.

:arrow_forward: Play: When media is playing.
:pause_button: Pause: When media is paused.
:play_or_pause_button: Play/Pause: When no media is playing / unrecognised or unsupported media player

It would be great if these icons are customisable!

Edit: It would also be great to have a ‘hide when no media is playing’ option
Edit 2: also great if icons are customisable like the weather widget.

I was just thinking this, I have an implementation which uses applescript, but one which uses the mac notification center like the now playing widget would work much better!

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Most of us use applescript with application APIs or BTT’s now playing variables but these aren’t all that stable and since they need to update every 1s or so they’re not that efficient..

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I'm sorry, I couldn't finish that for the alpha. However there might now (in v2.661 be a hacky way to achieve this at least partially:

It's not customizable and also doesn't have the Play/Pause option, but at least it can show a play and a pause icon like this: image image



Could we revisit this? It would be nice to set our own icons for the play/pause button.


Hi everyone, this is already possible, right? I thought I got it to work somehow, but now I'm stuck again with only a "play" icon... Big thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Edit: Even with the widget it seems I can only alternate between "play" and "app icon", but not the "pause" button I would like to have...

it's not as elegant as we would like it but if you do it as andreas explained, it works. place the now playing widget on your touch bar twice but make one display the title and the other the play/pause state.

Thanks! It works... it's not so smooth and elegant, but ok. Is there any way to specify that the button has the same length like the regular touch bar buttons? Thanks again :slight_smile:

PS: When I use "fixed width", the whole button just disappears.

try a few different values in the fixed width until you get the desired result. anything above 20 will do the trick i guess.

I can argue a case for a more general solution for this on button triggers. I find myself building touch bar widgets for Lightroom, a series of buttons for adjustment paramters - exposure, contrast, etc - to switch between a current paramter, using a two fingered swipe to adjust it. I needed to have the button associated with the current parameter highlight to a colour, un-highlighting the others in the set when a button is pressed. I've hacked a solution but it would have been easier if I'd been able to pull uuid and json in a button's script when it's pressed and for other buttons in the set.


Could we, please? I would love to have a simple Now Playing Widget with custom icons. Or at least could the play and pause icons be updated to use the SF Symbols (play.fill & pause.fill)?

Edit: There's also no ability to change the font size for Line 2 within Now Playing Widget :pensive: