Duplicate shortcut

I'd love an option to duplicate an existing shortcut. This would save a lot of time when creating a bunch of similar shortcuts.

For example, I often create a series of "Send shortcut to specific app" shortcuts for an app. Right now for each short cut you have to Create new shortcut > enter new shortcut key > Open predefined action dropdown box > Search/browse for 'send shortcut to specific app > enter shortcut > click select app > find app in browser popup > click ok > check appropriate checkboxes > click finished. That's 10 steps.

With duplication this is greatly reduced. Right click existing shortcut > select duplicate > enter new shortcut > enter new triggered shortcut. All the other settings are already duplicated.

This is a huge efficiency gain, cutting out 6 extra steps per shortcut. The current workflow of having to re-create every new action from scratch is very tedious and can be eliminated with a simple Duplicate shortcut option.

cmd+c then cmd+v :wink:

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Awesome, thanks!

I think it'd still be worthwhile to add these commands (copy, paste, and duplicate) into the right click menu for visibility. I would bet most people don't know about this. Since it's not in the right click menu and there are no File/Edit/etc commands in the menu bar I think most people would assume there aren't any keyboard shortcuts either.

Any other useful keyboard shortcuts? Is there a list somewhere?