DualFinder - Make Finder a two-pane file manager

This is a collection of shortcuts and applescript which brings the essential file-management shortcuts from (Windows) Total Commander to Mac Finder.

The list for the shortcuts:

For more info, please go to:

Link to the preset:

If you encounter problems with this preset - especially with the "opening 2 finder windows side by side", please try to toggle the setting: Finder preference > General > Open folders in tabs instead of new windows. (thanks to tosbsas @BTT community)


can't get this to work, anyone able to help?

What problem did you have? I'd need more info so that I could help you.

only got one window to open on my mBP 13'

any help to expect here or thats it?


I'm afraid that I'd need more info to help you:

Have you import the preset in Betterltouchtool?
Can you try to run the script here and see if it works? (this script will make two finder windows side by side) https://github.com/sjackwu/DualFinder/blob/master/AppleScript/Hyper-F--DualFinder.scpt


This is what I see when I run the script. Please let me know if there is any difference when you run the script.

I have the preset installed. And I get only one window jumping from left to right.


There is one condition that might cause the scenario you saw:
Do you have a virtual desktop and you have a second Finder window opened in that virtual desktop? To find out, in Finder, click the Window command and see if there is more than one Finder window opened (please see screenshot). If that's the case, close the other Finder windows and try again.

it actually opens two windows - see screenshots, but I only can see one, its not side by side


You might want to try the original script that inspired me. https://copiancestral.wordpress.com/2012/03/24/two-finders-side-by-side/

same problem

Found the error :-)) had set finder to open folders in tab and not in windows

Now, maybe you can help me to edit the preset that way that the windows open in downloads


Good job in finding the error!

If I understand your question correctly, you want to open the Finder windows in your Download folder?

The scripts are mostly written in Applescript and once you open the BetterTouchTool preset you can edit the scripts in BetterTouchTool. The script for DualFinder is at https://github.com/sjackwu/DualFinder/blob/master/AppleScript/Hyper-F--DualFinder.scpt.

I think you can start from here:

I'm not a programmer and I just copied/pasted what I found on the internet and managed to put them into a preset for my own use (plus sharing them on github and here in the BetterTouchTool community). If you have other questions, please don't hesitate to ask. I will do my best to help you.

hmm I tried but its not taking / using "downloads" as a target. Only works with home so far. Changed column view to list view though