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I use 2 Apple Trackpads simultaneously, it would be nice to be able to programme them with separate gestures.

is it two external trackpads of the same type?

yes, identical (Magic Trackpad 2)

Have you tried the option: "Trackpad 1 only" and "Trackpad 2 only"? I can't test this because I only have one trackpad.

BTT currently can only differentiate between different trackpad types, but if they are of the same type it will have the same gestures on both. I’ll check whether this can be achieved.

Ok, so just for curiosity, what is the difference between Magic Trackpad 1/2?

Magic Trackpad 1 is smaller and takes AA batteries, so presumably less magic

one can rename the trackpads in Bluetooth preferences, so I suppose some differentiation is possible

did you manage to find anything on this?

did you check? is this going to be possible?

Yes I checked, it's possible but not yet implemented. It's on my TODO list though :slight_smile:

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hello: I will be buying another trackpad, will the latest Apple trackpad (not sure if it's called magic trackpad 3, but it's got rounder corners) be seen as different to the one I have (magic trackpad 2, about 4 years old)?