Drop-down Menu Bar Items

Hi, I'm placing this in Feature Requests as I could not find an existing solution!

I recently started creating "Menubar items" under the "Automats & Named & Other Triggers" category. However, it seems like we can only create individual Menubar items, but not group these together.

I would like to be able to organize Menubar Items under a drop-down menu.

Alternatively, as an imtermediary, the items could be placed under the "BetterTouchTool" menu bar item that already exists and is native to BTT.

you can assign the "show context menu (new)" action to your menibar icon :wink:

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Great, thank you! Got it :slight_smile:

For reference:

Create Trigger Menubar Item → Create Action Show Custom Context Menu (NEW) → Press Configure → Create Trigger Menubar Item → [Create Actions]

Sorry to necro this thread — I was looking into how to do this and tried it, but even though I added menu items to the Context Menu (NEW) action, nothing displayed when I clicked on the menubar icon. What's weird is the interaction states for the menubar icon stopped working with this Context Menu action assigned to it, so there's no clicked (active) state showing either.

When I assign any other action to the icon, it shows active click state occurring like a button press and those other actions seem to be working.

Using BTT v4.395

You are right there is a bug that prevents this from working when freshly configured. Should be fixed in 4.398 alpha! (uploading now)

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