Drawings not working


I've added some drawings to support mouse gestures for some of my applications.
E.g. in Firefox, there's a drawing that will create a new tab by simulation CMD+T key press.

These drawings are not working anymore. I'm still able to draw: I can see my drawing stroke and the background area color. But after the drawing has been finished nothing will happen - so it seems like the trigger action is not being executed. This was working before and I have no idea when and why it stopped working.

What I already tried to fix this:

  • Reset Better Touch Tools
  • Remove drawings and add them again
  • Testing different applications
  • Installing xGestures to find out if it's a global issue or just some BTT thingy: For xGestures I've got exactly the same behaviour (Drawings work but trigger not being executed)

Mac OS version is: macOS Mojave 10.14.1

Does someone have an idea what's going wrong here and maybe how I could fix this?

Thanks in advance,