Drag with Evoluent mouse

Hello! I'm trying to use BetterTouchTool to configure an Evoluent mouse.

Specificaly, I would like to configure my middle mouse button to act like a left mouse button. Standard mouse left-button behaviour:

  • If I push and hold the left button, I can drag things
  • If I click the left button and let go, it acts as a left-click (IE, it selects the clicked-on item)

Using BTT, I can configure a mouse button to always drag (but never click, even if I let go), or to always click (but never drag, even if I hold it down.) But I can't get it to act like a true left button.

This is probably an obvious question and I feel silly for asking it. I've tried searching in the forums, but I may not have hit on the right search terms.

Any help would be welcome!

You'd need to configure different actions for mouse down and mouse up:


I'm still not quite getting the results I'd expect. I've used the settings you suggested. I can now drag by holding down the middle button... but it doesn't behave the way it should.

If I drag a window with the actual left button, I can see the window moving as I drag it.

If I drag a window with the middle button (using the settings you suggest), I don't see any motion until I let go of the button, at which point, the window snaps to the new location.

Is there any way to get the middle button to act like a true left button?

With thanks,

ah if that doesn't work, there is probably no way to make it work ;-( (it depends on the mouse, it works ok with mine)
BTT is not a remapping app (although it can be abused to be one in some cases) - it works on a too high level for such remappings to work in all scenarios.

You could try to assign the "Start Drag" and "Stop Drag" actions instead of the clicks (these should also produce a click event) - but it will also not behave like a real left mouse button,

Ah, well. I understand. Thanks anyway! I appreciate your help.