Drag windows by four fingers

I'm using keyboard modifiers for dragging and resizing the windows by mouse cursor.
I was wondering if it's possible to just drag windows by four fingers. I tried to work out a way to do it via BTT by addingtriggers but couldn't figure our how.
Any ideas?


Four finger drag is not possible, however you can activate three finger dragging in the macOS system preferences => Accessibility => Pointer control:

I would not recommend to use this though, as it changes various parts of the trackpad behavior, which will break some of BTT's gestures.
If you really want to use it, use the compatibility mode in BTT:

One other approach you could realize with BTT is to use the 4 finger click to trigger the "start/stop moving" action, and then configure a named trigger which also executes the "start/stop moving" action and is automatically called when you release the fingers from the trackpad:

With this configuration the moving would start as soon as you click with four fingers, and would continue as long as one finger keeps touching the trackpad. It would stop as soon as you remove all the fingers from the trackpad again.

Thank you Andreas.
I tried that trigger approach and I didn't like it. I hoped it was possible to implement just dragging.

Hi Yury,
If it still interests you - I also wanted 4 fingers window drag and I ended up writing my own code for it:

It works on Linux now but Mac port is certainly possible. And for the idea itself - I absolutely love having 4 finger window drag. And 5 finger resize.

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nice! Is it working well? If so I can try to port it to BTT.

On the other hand BTT already contains most code for it already, maybe it would be easier to just add the movement tracking.

Hi Andreas,
It is absolutely amazing for me but nobody else tried it yet. Feel free to reuse whatever you want in BTT (just the idea that it is lovely, or some of my algorithms). Happy to help if needed.