Drag Scrolling Does not work

Without BTT off, you can scroll up and down with three fingers in finder window!
This does not work when BTT is on. Is there any way do enable to scroll with three fingers with BTT on?

Beacuse here thee thing, before Ventura I think I could use this feature: dubbel tap on file with (drag lock on), move the mouse and the file follows the mousepointer, so far so fine, but when I start to scroll the mouse drops the file!
If you use a normal mouse, you can hold down a file with left pressclick and scroll up and down with the mouse-wheel and the file follows the pointer.

Ever since two-finger scrolling was supported on macOS laptop trackpads - i.e. "for as long as I can remember" - you can scroll while dragging an object. This is an extremely useful and important thing in a lot of places; although some lists will auto-scroll if you hover near their edges, that's slow and janky and, besides, they don't all do that.

To be clear, you single-finger click to start dragging something over to wherever you want it to go; then while holding that finger, an additional two finger gesture can be used to scroll content in any application ."

So when I turn on BTT now this feature does not work
Any clues?

do you have three finger swipes/ gestures configured in BTT? They will need to block scrolling in order to work.

I disabled all three finger gestures and that did not resolve this problem.
I almost 100% certain I did not experience this problem with earlier OS

Hegenberg, sounds swedish, Kan vi ta detta på svenska? :wink:

German :wink:

I’m not sure whether disabling is enough, it’s possible BTT only checks whether they are added. I’ll have a look tomorrow!

Also, I can´t update BTT? Is there also I bug I have?

Version. 2.428

Otherwise, this App is the best F-ing ever. Can´t use my computer without it.
You are a genius for making this.

I have drag-lock on as default in OSX.
So this means when I dubbel tap a file, (one fast tap and the second tap is still on the trackpad) I can start to move the file, I can lift up my fingers, the trackpad still "thinks" now that my finger is still on, because of drag-lock feature, when I put my finger on the trackpad, the file is still marked and moveable, it drops the file as soon I start to scroll try to scroll with two/three fingers

If you try with a normal mouse, left click and hold on a file, scroll up and down with the mouse wheel and the file follows your mouse courser.

So, I think I have explain the problem and what I want do to haha

Any news about these things?