Drag-and-drop order rearranging for GC widgets

I just got my MacBook, and downloaded BTT, now I am just wondering the best way to have everything set up in the Touch Bar so it can be both useful and not to cluttered. Thank you!

I personally refer to Yuuiko's AquaTouch for reference and ideas :slight_smile:

A lot of widgets in GC have their order specifically defined inside the widget preferences, making them difficult to manually rearrange. One of my goals for a future release is to allow some sort of easy drag and drop method of rearranging widgets, but I have no idea how I'd go about that right now, haha. Will keep this thread open for development updates as I attempt to make this!

First of all, I LOVE this preset. It changed the way I feel about the touchbar and I actually enjoy it now.

I was wondering how i can rearrange the order of icons in the touchbar? I've seen online that they appear in the order you add them, but I didn't find that to be the case.

Any thoughts?

Everything related to the GoldenChaos preset

Merged your post into this ongoing thread!

Altering the order of GC widgets is difficult right now to do manually. I'll be working on a nice way to reorder widgets in the future!

I have this same question! Thank god I found this thread. I need to change the "home layout" of the GC. I need to remove Siri and add the 'lockscreen' and remove a few more and add a few more to it. Thank you for all your hard work. Its all overwhelming at first. So hopefully I'll be able to figure this out soon. (Are there any tutorials around on how to get started after importing it to BTT?) Also what is the purpose of having it import to BTT if it can operate as a stand alone? how do you incorporate the Magic Mouse to work with GC? Thanks in advance for any help

Link to Yuuiko's site no longer works... just fyi. :slight_smile:


Find it here :wink:
(I'm prepping a huge new update soon! keep your eye out for it)

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