Doubleclick Window Titlebar not working

Doubleclick Window Titlebar not working

Ventura 13.6
Macbook Pro 16 M1 Max
BTT 4,272

with what app did you try? is it using standard title bars? (It seems to work fine here, but for special windows you might need to do it differently)

I have tested the trigger with standard windows of Finder and Script Editor.

I have been using the trigger doubleclick in the title bar of Script Editor windows for a long time, for opening a folder in finder where I have some applescript templates. It doesn't work

weird, maybe anything configured in BTT that catches the click before it comes to the titlebar? (e.g. a double-click in the normal mouse section)

Or maybe it’s something that has already been fixed? (
I‘m testing with the current alpha right now, at least with that the trigger seems to work fine.)

No, nothing should be interefering with the double click in the title bar.

Maybe I have something corrupted/broken in my BTT installation? There is something like a clean installation in BTT that I can do?

I think there are too much weird things I am experiencing...

you could try quitting BTT and then renaming this folder to something else: ~/Library/Application Support/BetterTouchTool (btt will then create a new folder on next launch)

To open this folder use Finder -> Go -> Go to Folder, make sure to include the ~

I have quit BTT, renamed the folder, and start BTT again.

All configuration was gone.

I imported my main preset.

Double clicking the title window still not working.

There is a big difference between the 2 folders inside ~/Library/Application Support/
BetterTouchTool OLD is the folder I renamed. It has 169 items with 207,1 MB
BetterTouchTool is the folder that BTT created, and after importing my main preset it has 11 items and 3,8 MB.

Is it normal such a big difference?

the size difference is normal, BTT keeps various backups, debug data etc. (they are deleted automatically at some point)

Just FYI:

I downloaded the last alpha 4,289, and after I did the same process of renaming the folder in ~/Library/Application Support/

I opened BTT 4,289 with empty configuration and added manually one trigger in Finder and one trigger in Script Editor, Automations section, for showing a HUD overlay when double clicking the window title bar. It's not working.

I changed to double ckick the main menu bar and it works.

The Script Editor title bar seems to be a bit special as it reserves a lot of space for the "document name" dropdown. Does it work for you if double click at a unreserved area like right below the window buttons?

Hey, it works clicking below the window buttons !!!!!!!!

It's incredible!

Man, I promise you that before posting this thread I click everywhere in the window (except below buttons!!!!).

Maybe in the last updates of Ventura Apple has changed the title bar of Script Editor?

I have used a LOT this trigger in Apple Script FOR YEARS. I always had to click near the upper zone of the title bar, because in the middle it never worked.

Thanks a lot for solving this mystery !!!!!

I also assume this is a recent change to script editor. I'll check whether I can adapt the trigger to work with this type of titlebar.
There are already ways to workaround this if you want.

For example by creating a double click trigger in the "normal mouse" section and using a advanced trigger condition like this:

That would be good. If you set double click the title bar window in macos system configuration for minimize the window, you can double click easily anywhere and the window is minimized.
If Apple can do it, sure you can do it :wink:

Thanks, I will try that.