Double Tap in URL to Open in New Tab in Firefox

Hello Team,

Is it possible to open the URL in 'Open in New Tab' (firefox) using double tab in Trackpad in Macbook using Bettertouchtool


Not with a single finger double tap (BTT doesn't support that gesture, probably to avoid conflict with native gestures), but you can with a two-finger double tap.

You will, however, need to disable 'tap to click' or 'secondary click' feature in your mac's trackpad preferences to avoid conflict.

Once that's done, setup a new action (specific to Chrome, if you want), select 2 Finger Double Tap for the trigger, then CMD+Click for the action.

Cmd+Click is essentially the shortcut for opening links in new tab, but I understand if you rather only use one hand for whatever reason.

I also wanted to do this, but found that if I disabled Secondary Click in Preferences for the Trackpad, that I can no longer get that functionality when I need it outside of apps. For instance, I can no longer use the double-tap gesture on icons in the Dock to be able to see the Secondary Menu for that icon.

Is there a way to disable the Secondary Click in Preferences but then regain that functionality via BTT using some kind of setting that would allow me to right-click on Dock'ed icons?

Rob from AZ

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