Double tap drag

Hi, coming from windows / linux, I've long been annoyed by the macos timers which make the double tap / drag function unreliable. Sometimes, it doesn't activate, other times it wont release. I'm sure macos is using timers to allow quick consecutive actions perpetuate the operation, but when you're a quick clicker, it messes up on a regular basis. Does the software allow this tap drag to work properly, like as in win / linux?

Unfortunately BTT does not help with that. (I did some experiments in early versions, but it just caused too much interference with the system behavior).

I also disliked this behavior when I switched from windows to macOS but eventually got used to the macOS behavior and now I hate how it works on Windows :smiley: (which also has a lot of advantages). Apple should give an option to disable this, but I don't think there is any reliable way to do this today.

Well that sucks... another large corp complete over engineering a problem which doesn't exist and making a new one.

I wouldn't say so, the problem is that drag behavior is necessary for various interactions throughout macOS and all in all it's pretty consistent and not much over engineered. It's just a different approach. For example on Windows or Linux it is much harder to drag something over longer distances with one finger. On macOS you can quickly lift your finger and continue dragging.
So both approaches have pros and cons - having an option to choose would be nice, but it's not trivial.