Double escape key using AquaTouch 3.5.0

I'm new to all this and not sure if I am missing something simple but whilst using the latest BTT and AQT I almost always see 2 'esc' keys on the Touch Bar - how can I remove one of these?

Did you follow the aqua touch instructions?
I think it requires to disable the macOS control strip (uncheck this):

Thanks for the reply.
Yes, I followed the instructions and the macOS control strip is unchecked but I still see 2 ESC buttons on the touchpad :frowning:

Check whether you have both Aqua Touch and Aqua Touch Game Mode active in the presets. Only Aqua Touch itself should be active.


I'm having the same issue with AQT, 16" MBP but have a software esc key in addition to my physical one.

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Hi @River_Massey, Sorry for the late reply as I didn't see this post.

You'll be able to find this in AQT settings, found in the touchbar when the BTT configuration window is active:

Sorry for the late replies!