Double-clicking a BTT folder (“group”) opens the highlighted group, not the clicked one

Describe the bug
In BTT, I have grouped my shortcuts into several “folders”. When I double-click a folder to open it, the folder that opens is the one that had previously been selected, not the one that I clicked on. If no folder had been selected, then no folder opens.

Device information:

  • Type of Mac: M3 MacBook Air
  • macOS version: Sonoma 14.5
  • BetterTouchTool version: 4.539 (45390)

I might not understand or maybe I can't reproduce it here. You mean double-clicking "New Group2" would instead open "New Group" in this case?

In general on first click it should select the folder, on second click it would open it.
Could you maybe record a quick video of this?

I have attached a video demonstrating the issue. It occurs when using tap-to-click, and double-tapping at what I consider a normal speed, which is fairly rapid.

If I actually press down to “click” the trackpad then it works correctly, and if I briefly pause between the two taps then it also works correctly. It is only when tapping twice in rapid succession that the wrong folder opens.

As a side note, I would actually prefer if groups worked like disclosure triangles, rather than folders. I would find it more convenient to be able to expand or collapse a group in a single click, and have its contents shown in the same list, rather than have to leave the current list and see only the members of one group. In other words, I’d like to have them work the way folders do in list view on a Mac.

That won't be possible with BTT's column UI as it's just rendering a list without hierarchy. If you want that you need to use the outline UI (which I personally don't like much):

I have an idea what could cause the tap issue, I'll have a look!

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Unfortunately my idea was not right, I still can't reproduce it here. Are you using the standard macOS tap to click function or something configured in BTT itself for the taps?

Standard macOS tap to click.

I made some change in 4.541 alpha, maybe it helps in your case.

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Yep, works great, thanks!

For what it’s worth, I did some more testing on 4.539 and found that the problem only occurred when the system setting for “Use trackpad for dragging” is active, and its “Dragging style” is either “With Drag Lock” or “Without Drag Lock”. With those options, a double-tap-and-hold becomes a drag, which might somehow affect the way double-tap events are recognized.

(System Settings -> Accessibility -> Pointer Control -> Trackpad Options -> Use trackpad for dragging)

ah interesting, thanks for the update!