Double-click to maximize a window

This one is pretty basic and general, so I think should be a priority. This little feature is available in BetterSnapTool but not in BetterTouchTool. Simply an option to double-click on the title bar of a window to maximize it (truly maximize it, not just "zoom" it per macOS), and again to return it to its old size.

There seems to be no way to set this up currently.

there are multiple ways to set this up, the easiest is to use the „double-click window titlebar“ trigger in BTT‘s „automations, named & other triggers“ section

Oh thank-you! I had missed that because the icon for it (9 squares) looked like Launchpad. I do notice maybe a little bug--I am using a 4-finger swipe up gesture for this. It is recognizing the 4-finger swipe correctly. However, most of the time (~80%) it also does a 2-finger swipe up (i.e. scroll up) at the same time. Is there an advanced setting I can use to fix that?

Hi Andreas, how would I setup this as a toggle between fullscreen and another size?

@JohannesSchv Hast du es schon mit einer Cycle Aktion versucht?