"dotfile" Configuration

As a developer, I source my machine-to-machine configurations in a source-history-controlled "dotfile" repo. I absolutely LOVE BTT and use it for its many, many features. I am struggling to find a good way to set up my configuration so that it's portable and able to be synced via a git repo with symlinks. I know there are alternative sync methods like DropBox and iCloud. I would prefer to not use third party services for syncing.
I would absolutely love a single configuration file that doesn't change names across versions, i.e. add btt_data_store to my configuration repo and be able to use that across multiple machines. Similar to how dotfiles work or, alternatively, how iTerm has a single (name unchanging) file for configuration.
I currently am manually adding/removing settings on each machine.

you can export your preset and save it to ~/.btt_autoload_preset.json (if the export is named .bttpreset, rename it to .json). Then this config will be loaded when BTT is starting up.

It also works with compressed preset bundles if they are named .btt_autoload_preset.bttcompressedpresetbundle

Awesome. I will definitely give that a shot. Thank you for the info, the prompt response, and an incredible product!

It isn't possible to export in an automated fashion, though. Which makes this still hard to do without the third party sync.

Andreas, adding an assigned action of "Export BTT Preset" would be HUGE. We could then automate this within BTT around various events. You wouldn't even need to maintain the integration with dropbox -- just tell dropbox to sync a directory with that export in it.