Does the new version work with Big Sur?

BTT is currently forcing me to update - it's disabled and shows no way to turn it back on without updating to the newest version. However, my company doesn't want us to switch to Monterey yet. Is there a way to avoid updating, or will the new version work fine on Big Sur?

I don't know if this affects anything, but I am currently using the trial version (I have 19 days left). I'm really liking the tool, and assuming this issue is resolved I will be purchasing it. Not sure it's a good idea to let myself rely on something that might simply stop working without me doing anything, though.

in general it’s working fine on Big Sur. Which version of Big Sur are you running exactly ? Could you try to restart your machine?

I'm on version 11.6. If it's working fine for Big Sur, then it sounds like I can go ahead and update. However, is there a way to not be forced to update? It seems like an issue that I can't keep using a version that works perfectly fine.

Only trial versions are sometimes forced to update so they can’t be reset endlessly.

Which version of BTT do you currently have installed?

I have version 3.579 installed at the moment.

Ah ok, yes the "trial-lifetime" for that version ended on October 26. (You can continue to use the remaining trial period with a more recent version)

Alternatively you can activate it using a license, then it will also continue to work.

Okay, thanks! I think I'll just go ahead and buy a license.

Btw, I'm really appreciating the tool, keep up the great work!

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