Does downgrading delete saved configurations?

So BTT deleted all my keyboard hotkey configs and whatnot.

Looks like my license expired today and BTT suggested to downgrade to a previous version if I didn't want to pay for 2 more years' worth of upgrades. And that's what I did. I am currently in 3.579 (1722), after downgrading.

It all started because BTT required me to disable/enable the Accessibility API permission, for some reason, and then after restarting the app, a 'your license expired blah blah' message appeared. So I downgraded.

Never had a problem with BTT until now.

I don't expect a fix or any resolution, my configs are gone, period.

I just want to know if this is expected behaviour. Out of morbid curiosity.

Causes could only be either enabling/disabling Accessibility API or downgrading. That's all I did.


Device information:

  • Type of Mac: MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2019, Two Thunderbolt 3 ports)
  • macOS version: Big Sur 11.6 (20G165)
  • BetterTouchTool version: 3.579 (1722)

Work around would be to keep backups.. but I didn't even think of backing BTT. Kinda naive.

BTT automatically creates backups when upgrading, so you should be able to restore your configuration by going to the main menu => help => restore settings from backup

Maybe create a quick backup of this folder before trying: ~/Library/Application Support/BetterTouchTool

Upgrading and then downgrading sometimes can cause issues if the data file has been upgraded during the upgrade process, thus reimporting manually when downgrading might be necessary.


Thanks for the almost instant response, Andreas!

So I did what you told me, backing up the ~/Library/Application Support/BetterTouchTool folder, and trying to restore the backup. But this started a loop where I get a "BetterTouchTool version incompatible", because the backup only works with an older version, even if I reinstall. I had to remove the ~/Library/Application Support/BetterTouchTool folder entirely (having it backed up, of course).

I don't really want to lose time debugging this. I didn't have that many configs after all.

I'll just back stuff up, and remember about the automatic backup options if something happens again.

Thanks man, it's a really cool app after all.

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