Does BTT work with other KB + Trackpad combos under MacOS?

Hi, new user here. I've been using BTT for almost a couple of years and never had a reason to visit the community here, so hello.

The reason for my visit is to ask if there are any folks that have tried using BTT with other trackpad hardware such as Logitech or Microsoft's integrated keyboard/trackpad combos (e.g. K830/K400 or MS's All-in-One media KB)?

I know that BTT is designed to support Apple's hardware but I have a case where I may need to aforementioned 3rd party hardware and hoped to install BTT to take advantage of my existing preferences (from my own MBP and Magic Trackpad). I don't know if this is the case but my hope was that 3rd party mfr's would be adhering to Apple's APIs for input so that BTT would be hopefully able to tap into other devices due to MacOS itself recognizing their compatibility.

Anyways, I hope someone has had a similar use case. Thanks for reading!