Does btt extend cmd-tab view to the touch bar, but leave other switcher functionality the same?

There’s an awful lot to btt, can’t seem to google an answer. If you know the answer is yes, please point me i the right direction.

And to expand what i’m looking for, i want to hit cmd-tab, have the app switcher show up on screen and touch bar but otherwise function the same, except i can select the app on the touch bar with my finger. The same includes quick cmd-tab still switches between two most recent apps.

Thank you!

Okay, I know how to make the Alt+Tab shortcut appear on touchbar, but unfortunately it makes the app switcher not show on the screen. Do you want me to explain you through it?

Does alt tab mean cmd tab or opt tab? And if it means cmd tab, and i add this functionality, will a quick cmd tab switch back amd forth between two most recent apps?

Haha sorryyy, I was really tired yesterday. I did mean Command + Tab.

No, unfortunately, it won't. Youll have to manually click the app on the touch bar every time, while at the same time, holding command + tab.