Does BetterSnapTool also unlock BetterTouchTool?

Hi, I read in a reddit comment from 4yrs ago that buying BetterSnapTool also unlocks BetterTouchTool?

Is this (still) the case?

If so, does this apply to purchasing the app on the app store and is the functionality of BetterTouchTool then integrated into BST or separate app that needs to be downloaded and installed?


It does give you a one year license for BetterTouchTool (this is not really documented or anything, but it’s still the case). After one year you won’t receive updates but can keep using the last version you received. BetterTouchTool contains all features of BetterSnapTool.

To unlock the license you need to install BetterTouchTool from and in the registration screen select the BetterSnapTool option.

Vielen Dank Andreas, sounds great. Unfortunately BTT is not available on the mac app store which I need to use at work for installing apps. I'd really love to use both apps. (any plans to release on the app store?) :slight_smile:

unfortunately Apple doesn’t allow tools like BTT on the App Store and this is unlikely to change ;-(