Documentation for Users Commands

I've started writing some commands, but when I look at them I sometimes can't really tell why I wrote them. For example, to open a search in a program I use I need to push Ctrl+Space. I found that by hovering over the search tool in that program. When I later look back at my BTT script and see the command, however, I may no longer recall what that does, or someone I share it with might not know.

It would be nice if there was a way to add comments to the software script that didn't do anything but serve as documentation as to the purpose of the command to help if one needs to make modifications later, etc.

that's what the notes field is for :slight_smile:


Wait a minute. Unless I'm missing something, the Notes field just allows me to write notes about the entire action. I don't see where there is a note field for each item in the command. For example in some languages you can use a semicolon as below:

SendKeys "Hello World!" ;This send the text "Hello World!"

Intuitively I'd use the Notes field to explain the purpose of the action, but I'd document non obvious commands, such as Ctrl+Space, to explain what that does.

it’s currently not possible to add comments to the individual actions of a action sequence. I’ll look into it for a future version!

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