Dock Badges can't work,and others

Describe the bug:
1. Dock badges cannot be displayed. After setting in GC-BBT, the badge disappears after only being displayed. In addition, the reminder will not be displayed in the Touchbar when Apple mail comes. I tried other apps, such as "WeChat" and "iMessage", but they all failed.
What I want to achieve:

But it's actually blank.

2. Airpods can't display the connection status and battery level. I hope it will be the default background color when connected, and red background color when disconnected, but it cannot be achieved.

3.Now Playing Actions.The play and pause buttons will not switch, they are always "pause".

Hope GC-BBT will be updated soon.

Device information:
Type of Mac: M1 MacBook Pro
macOS version: 11.1
BetterTouchTool version: 3.510(1648)
GC-BTT version:3.392

All issues have been resolved

I am actually experiencing the same issue

version 3.553 (1693)

how did you get it done?